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Our experienced team of solicitors specializing in a wide range of private legal services provides a straight forward approach to both private and commercial clients.

We place great importance on relationships with our clients, We are Specialists in Criminal Defence Law. About central chambers law, We always aim to give professional legal advice that is efficient, concise and ‘jargon-free’Law is rarely applied in an exact way to specific facts, and exact outcomes are rarely a certainty. Our specialists in Central Chambers Law will always strive for the best possible outcome, no matter how complex the case.

about central chambers law

about central chambers law

Successful Work

As a client, you will have the benefit of: 

  • Legal expertise in many areas of law;
  • A record of excellence that speaks for itself;
  • A dedicated and professional service;
  • High standards of customer care;
  • Direct and consistent access to our solicitors and services;
  • An open attitude to costs;
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by phone and email;
  • Our friendly team will listen to your case with empathy and understanding.

Trust Our Experience and Quality About Central Chambers Law

Our staff is made up of some of the brightest legal minds. They specialize, which means that they are experts in the areas of law that they advise.

The firm recruits from all backgrounds from across the world. Our staff share ideas and work together to ensure that clients get the best advice. Often teams will brainstorm to solve legal problems and even involve other expertise should they require it.

Our Senior Solicitors are available to disseminate their own knowledge and expertise to their teams and others within the firm. It is a continual learning environment. About Central Chambers Law

Our client testimonials prove that the service we give is of excellent quality. We receive great reviews from our clients, which is a testament to our staff.

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Awesome team members

Daljit Kaur


Jagdish Chopra


Angelica liliana Covaci


Asif Iqbal Ranjha

Registered Foreign Lawyer

Christopher Adrian Gadd

Consultant Solicitor

Monika Mugami

Consultant Solicitor

Farooq Zoi

Consultant Solicitor

Mewesh Shah


Angieszka Welter

Trainee Solicitor

Syed Shah

Trainee Solicitor

Mahtab Anwar Aziz


Ahmad Jawad

Managing Director

Syed Imran Ali

Immigration Specialist Solicitor

Muhammad Kalim

Consultant Solicitor

Samera Rafiq


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Types of Convictions we can help with

No matter what situation you find yourself in, the experts at Central Chambers Law can help. Here are just some of the cases we can assist with:

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