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Appeal a criminal sentence or conviction.

Being convicted of a crime you did not commit is devastating, both for you and your family and overturning that conviction is not easy.

Our team have a reputation for investigating convictions, having cases referred to the Court of Appeal and for having serious offences overturned. Not every case is appeal-able, but we try and give everyone a chance to have their appeal considered.

Criminal appeals

Our team will identify and interview relevant witnesses and, if appropriate, instruct leading experts. We have established a professional relationship with leading expert witnesses. We will also instruct the most experienced barrister and have strong links with many leading barrister chambers in the UK.

How does the criminal appeals process work?

Following a criminal conviction in the Crown Court, the solicitor and/or barrister will provide advice as to whether they feel that a successful appeal can be put forward.

We will advise you if there are no grounds for an appeal. If there are grounds for an appeal against either the conviction, sentence or both, then the barrister will prepare such  advice in writing along with those grounds.

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