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We are proud

We have experienced Solicitors who specialise in representing clients in confiscation proceedings. Our team of lawyers would work tirelessly to ensure that the final order is proportional to the actual wrongdoing.

Confiscation orders

Confiscation orders are issued after an individual has been convicted of an offence that resulted in their financial gain. The purpose of such an order is to prevent the defendant from benefiting from the proceeds of their crime.

The court determines

The Court will make an order on the amount of benefit received from the relevant criminal conduct and the defendant’s available assets. Since the court determines the amount of benefit received from the crime and the defendant’s available assets, allegations of ‘criminal lifestyle’ and ‘hidden assets’ may be made. It is important to have a legal team that has the experience to negotiate and deal with confiscation orders efficiently.

Confiscation law is complex, and prosecutors often draft their allegations that will seem very unfair. 

A response to the proceedings, therefore, requires a clearly devised defence strategy and a detailed analysis by a team of dedicated defence lawyers who are committed to making sure the end result is fair and proportional.

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