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Criminal Law

If you or someone you know has been accused of committing a crime,

our expert team can help.

Family Law

If you are looking for a Family & Children Law expert offering private and friendly advice with a personal touch, we can help

Fraud & Investigation

We ensure the effective preparation of a case and work hard to achieve our aim and effectively dismantle a case.

Terrorism Law

We are a firm of proficient criminal defence lawyers who regularly advise clients dealing with terrorism charges.

Our experienced team of solicitors specializing

In a wide range of private legal services. We provide a straightforward approach to both private and commercial clients. We are Specialists in Criminal Defence Law. We place great importance on relationships with our clients, we always aim to give professional legal advice that is efficient, concise, and ‘jargon-free’. Law is rarely applied in an exact way to specific facts, and exact outcomes are rarely a certainty. Our specialists in Central Chambers Law will always strive for the best possible outcome, no matter how complex the case.

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Ranked as one of the leading criminal defence solicitors in London and around the surrounding Home Counties, Central Chambers Law has a highly regarded reputation for delivering expert legal services.

  • Bespoke service with the belief that no two cases or clients are the same
  • One of the most successful criminal defence firms in the country
  • Consistent, expert advice delivered in a way you will understand throughout
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“Found them through word of mouth and I am pleased to say I have had a great experience. Well educated and up to date, matters were clearly communicated to me at all times and communication was consistent and regular.”

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