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24/7 emergency phone line: 0203 620 2288

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Motor Finance

In recent years it has been discovered that Personal Contract Purchase and Hire Purchase agreements have been grossly mis-sold to consumers. This mis-selling is usually a result of undisclosed commissions received by the broker of the finance. but can also be related to

Several other contributions to mis-selling include:

  • Customers being pressured into a deal.
  • Unrealistic milage estimation- usually not enough provided in the annual allowance resulting in avoidable fees.
  • Being encouraged to borrow more than necessary.
  • Unclear terms on the balloon payment- was the borrower made aware by the broker that until the balloon payment is made that they do not own the vehicle? (PCP only)
  • Insufficient affordability checks as a result of inadequate or in some cases non-existent credit checks.

The lender’s overriding duty to ensure the broker accurately represents the true situation of the borrower could mean they are liable for mis-selling when any of the above have taken place.