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24/7 emergency phone line: 0203 620 2288

Representations at Police Stations

The UK police is a huge entity. It has a wide range of responsibilities and duties that come with it. Since you would be interacting with law enforcement officers daily in this country, you need to know how to treat them properly. Asking questions, being polite and courteous, maintaining eye contact, and not leaving your phone out in public places are some ways to behave appropriately while dealing with police officers.

In England and Wales, every person arrested must be told of their rights to free and independent legal advice at the police station. The police must inform a suspect of their right to representation by a solicitor as soon as they enter the police station, whether or not they are under arrest. The duty solicitor is assigned automatically if the suspect asks for one and is entitled to legal aid (if it wasn’t already provided).

If you don’t have a lawyer but do need one:

The ILEX scheme will provide legal help if you are arrested in England or Wales. If there isn’t an ILEX lawyer available, try contacting friends or family members first; this may be easier than calling up an unfamiliar firm with no experience dealing with your case.


You should also be aware that if you are arrested for a minor offense and not charged with a crime, your record will be checked before it is erased from your record. This can affect your ability to get housing or employment later on in life if someone sees it on your record. You have the right to remain silent. 

That means that you don’t have to say anything when asked by a police officer, but anything you do say may be used in court against you. The police must tell you this at least once before they ask any questions. If they don’t, then it is an offence for them not to do so – and could lead to prosecution if no action is taken against them by your solicitor. 

The police must inform a suspect of their right to representation by a solicitor as soon as they enter the police station, whether or not they are under arrest. The police must also tell them of their right to free and independent legal advice. If you are arrested in a private dwelling, it may be possible for them to speak with your own solicitor privately before being interviewed. In the event of your arrest, you are entitled to speak privately with a solicitor. 

If you are arrested in a private home, you can speak privately with your solicitor before being interviewed by police officers. The police will only remove you from the police station once they’ve spoken to a duty solicitor. If you are under 18 and have been arrested, you will also be assigned an appropriate adult. The police should also tell you that you can request an interpreter if you do not speak or understand English. 

If the police decide to provide one, they must show their reasons. If it is impossible to provide an interpreter, then a staff member will normally be available to talk with you in your language. The police must inform you that you have the right to free and independent legal advice. They also need to provide information about how soon, after being detained, they will call a lawyer for you. 

If the police believe there is a risk of harm in your case, including death or serious injury, they must provide an interpreter within 24 hours of arrest. The interpreter can be asked for by anyone who does not speak English fluently and cannot make themselves understood through gestures or signs (this could include someone with learning difficulties).

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